Instructional benchmarking is a measurement of quality of teaching programs and strategies of a given school. These are then compared to the existing standards and programs and strategies of other school/s. Benchmarking is done for several reasons. First is to determine the aspects of instruction where improvements are called. Secondly, it is done to analyze how teachers and practitioners achieve high levels of performance. The other reason is to use the information to improve performance. With all these in mind, it is necessary that teachers have to witness first hand on how other teachers succeed in the delivery of knowledge and information to their students through sound instructional practices. With this in mind, the organization is conducting this demofest.

The program serves three purposes. The first is to provide teachers to showcase their practices and researches that resulted into improved performance of their students. The other is to give other participants an opportunity to benchmark on practices that have created better results. Lastly, the program should serve as venue for teacher-participants to collaborate with an end in coming up with strategies anchored on new knowledge shared by speakers/facilitators.

Course curriculum

    1. Lecture 1

    2. Lecture 2

    3. Critic Paper

    4. Submission of Demo Video & Lesson Plan

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