We are in an unprecedented ‘new normal’. The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered schools for all education levels across the globe leaving 1.6 billion students out of school; combine that with the countless days students miss school due to inclement weather and we should see that safeguarding education deserves our immediate attention. In this training course ‘safeguarding education’, teachers and administrators will learn strategies to ensure education services continue in times of disaster and crisis, such that learning remains innovative and engaging for teachers and students. Information learned in this training will also help strengthen education delivery for everyday learning.

Course curriculum

    1. Lecture

    2. Quiz

    3. Checklist

    4. ECP Worksheet (Optional)

    1. Lecture

    2. Online Quiz 1

    3. Online Quiz 2

    4. Survey

    5. Khan Academy Activity

    6. Mindmap (Optional)

    1. Lecture

    2. Self-Assessment

    3. Course Evaluation

About this course

  • $10.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content